NARASU’S COFFEE COMPANY has been synonymous with exceptional quality and rich aroma in the coffee industry. We have built a strong reputation both domestically and internationally, and we are looking to expand our export operations to new markets. To achieve this, we are seeking the support of esteemed exporters like yourself.

Enclosed with this email, you will find our updated catalogue showcasing our extensive range of premium coffee products. Our offerings include a variety of ground coffee blends, instant coffee, filter coffee, and specialty coffee beans, all carefully crafted to deliver a delightful coffee experience.

By partnering with NARASU’S COFFEE COMPANY, you can expect the following advantages:

1. Premium Quality: Our coffee products are made from the finest hand picked coffee beans, ensuring a rich and authentic taste

2. Diverse Product Range: We offer a wide selection of coffee products to cater to various consumer preferences and market demands.

3. Competitive Price: We maintain a competitive pricing strategy to ensure a Win-Win situation for both our customers and partners.

4. Reliable Supply Chain: Our well–established supply chain network enables us to fulfill large orders promptly and efficiently.

5. Strong Brand Presence: The Narasus Coffee brand enjoys a loyal customer base and has gained recognition or its exceptional quality and traditional values.

We believe that your expertise in export operations, coupled with our exceptional coffee products, can lead to a fruitful partnership. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, we would be delighted to arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss potential collaboration and address any queries you may have.

Ethically Sourced
Roasted with Love
Delivered Fresh


“The Flavor of India in every cup”

Narasu’s reputation stands on its quality. We adhere to stringent quality control measures to maintain quality at every stage of the manufacturing process from “Bean to Cup”. With well-equipped Lab facilities, Qualified Lab chemists and cup tasters, we analyze every batch of production, day in and day out, to guarantee consistency in quality.


Our Infrastructure determines Our Purity of Success.”

The manufacturing units and office are situated at Salem which comprises two major units and many subsidiary units.

Our Major unit is “SRI NARASUS COFFEE COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED” which is situated at 16, Court road, Johnsonpet, Salem 636007, Tamilnadu, India. where we produce Roast & Ground Coffee, Tea, Vermicelli and other processed food products.

Our second major unit “NARASU’S EXPORTS” (A Division of Sri Narasu’s Coffee Company Private Limited) is situated at D.Perumapalayam, Vedapatti village, Veeranam, Salem, where we manufacture Pure and Chicory blended instant coffee.


Roasting Coffee brewing harmony “

At Narasu’s we have perfected the art and science of coffee manufacturing by constant research and adapting to the latest technologies.

The integrated plant has been built to have minimum/no manual intervention from the time of infeed of Green Coffee, Roasting, Extraction, Aroma Recovery, Evaporation and Spray Drying to Instant Coffee. We have a warehouse that ensures complete control over raw materials and Final Packed p products with ventilated Storage Facilities.

We manufacture different qualities of instant soluble coffee, to cater to the needs of different markets.

  • Spray Dried Soluble Coffee
  • Agglomerated (Granulated) Soluble Coffee
  • Micro Ground Instant Coffee


Packing and labelling are also done strictly in accordance with the customer’s specifications and requirements. We also do

Customized packaging for “PRIVATE LABEL” of Customer choice. Ultra-modern facilities are available for packing in:

  • Bulk
  • Glass Jars
  • Tins
  • Sachets / Pouches


From India to the world”

The tremendous confidence and the goodwill earned by our products in India, due to its steadfast commitment to quality, which has a rippling effect in many neighbouring countries. Against the growing demand regular shipments are made to these discerning customers, fully satisfying their varied and specific requirements in terms of quality, packing and labelling.

We had supplied the first branded 100% Indian coffee to Russia in the name of “Indian Instant Coffee” for private labelling which also increased many folds including supplies to the following Countries. USA, Sri Lanka, Qatar, UK, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, New Zealand, and Southeast Asian countries.